It is Massive Canada’s policy to consider memberships in organizations that promote the advancement of our business development, enhance the professional standing of the company, and facilitate favorable relations with community members, potential investors, and other business associates. When evaluating whether to join an organization, each department must assess the total costs and expected benefits to ensure that Massive Canada derives value from the membership for its business purposes.

Massive Canada believes holds memberships in high regard, viewing them as valued relationships built on mutual trust, respect, and a commitment to inclusive and collaborative work. These partnerships are essential for creating a thriving business environment where Massive Canada can prosper.

Memberships are akin to investments, offering numerous opportunities to connect, contribute and drive positive change.  They represent a type of business relationship that allows for support and promotion of our business within the framework of the membership.

If your business is interested in connecting with Massive Canada and would like further opportunities to discuss membership, please contact us at for more information.




To apply for a business membership with an organization, please complete all questions.


First Name   Last Name   Department submitting the request

Business Membership Information:

Name of Organization:  
Address of Organization:  

Type of Membership:

Membership Term:  
Membership Level:  
Justification for Request:  

Signature of Requestor   Date

Review, Approval or Rejection of Membership Request:

Name of Approver:   Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Approve:     Not Approved:  


Signature   Date



Termination Letter for Business Membership


Dear [name of recipient],

We regret to inform you that we no longer wish to be a part of the membership of [name of company], as of [date]. With this notification, we comply with the minimum notice period required by our agreement. The membership with your organization has provided us with a good service in the past, however, we decided to terminate our business membership due to [reasons].

From this moment, Massive Canada Building Systems Inc., will no longer be a member of your organization and the associated [monthly / yearly] subscription. On our part, we will clear any outstanding amounts owing to you from the membership by [date].

Please confirm the receipt of this letter as termination of our membership and the closing of our account with your organization. If you have any questions, you can reach me at [phone] or [e-mail address].

We would like to thank you for our long-standing collaboration, and we wish you future success.


Massive Canada Business Systems Inc.