Massive Canada’s long-term strategy is to be the market leader in mass timber construction. Pioneering in sustainable building practices opens up significant business opportunities. As the demand for environmentally friendly construction continues to rise, being at the forefront of this market puts Massive Canada in a prime position to capture market share and drive innovation in the construction industry.

  • Thanks to a $10 Million commitment from the BC Govt, we will operate our 91,000 sf manufacturing plant in Williams Lake in 2024.
  • We will build a new engineered wood plant on our 29-acre site in 100 Mile house in 2026.
  • We will complete a new 500,000 sf manufacturing plant on our 178-acre industrial site in Williams Lake in 2027-2028.

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Massive Canada is first to combine the strength of mass timber with the speed and efficiency of prefabrication. This is a transformative approach to construction. By leveraging AI design and new construction technology solutions, Massive Canada streamlines the entire process, from initial design to final assembly. This results in significant cost savings and reduced construction time.

Targeting the generic 6-storey apartment building market for the next five years is a strategic move. This segment is the largest market opportunity. Canada’s housing crisis creates enormous demand for prefabricated rental housing. By providing developers and builders with a solution that cuts costs and dramatically reduces construction time, Massive Canada offers a compelling value proposition.

To successfully execute our strategy, Massive Canada is investing in cutting-edge AI design tools that optimize the use of mass timber materials and prefabricated components while ensuring structural integrity and compliance with building codes.

Adopting advanced construction technology such as robotic assembly lines and digital fabrication can further enhance efficiency and precision throughout the construction process.

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