Massive Canada respects and values differences. We are passionate about our people, our customers and the planet. We nurture an environment where all differences are valued, individual practices are deemed equitable and everyone experiences a sense of belonging. We are committed to building a culture that brings together the very best of our people and their unique skills, experiences, and abilities. 

We strongly believe that our diverse workforce is central to our business success. In joining Massive Canada, you will be able to apply and develop your skills and knowledge as part of a collaborative team where we help each other innovate and play a part in building a better future. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) are an essential part of our people agenda. This policy clearly underlines the importance of ED&I and eliminating unlawful discrimination. Promoting a culture of inclusion is vital to our success. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity, respect and equality. Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.  

It’s unlikely that this policy will conflict with local laws or regulations, but if and when it does the local law or regulation must always be followed. 

We aim to reflect the diversity of the regional, national, and international communities where we do business and provide our products and services. We aim to create a workplace environment where people can be free to be themselves no matter what their identity or background. We extend this commitment to our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and members of the communities where we operate.  

Prohibited grounds of discrimination 

Under the Canadian Human Rights Act, the prohibited grounds of discrimination are: