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Omnitek Set to Establish a 32-Acre Manufacturing Industrial Park in South Cariboo

In a significant move for the South Cariboo region, Omnitek, a renowned building company from Port Moody, has unveiled plans to develop a 32-acre manufacturing industrial park. Located at 7080 Watch Lake Rd. near Lone Butte, the site will be christened the Cariboo Industrial Park.

Omnitek’s vision for the park is twofold. Firstly, they aim to innovate and produce new building materials, including an alternative to drywall using local wood. This initiative will occupy 14 acres of the industrial land. Secondly, they’re offering one-acre plots to budding entrepreneurs keen on processing and marketing South Cariboo’s rich resources.

The strategic location of the site, nestled between a CN freight line and several rural properties, and just 12 kilometers off Highway 97, adds to its appeal. Historically, this site has seen varied uses, from a lumber mill to log home-building, with Trinity Post & Panel being its most recent occupant.

Margo Wagner, chair of the Cariboo Regional District, expressed her enthusiasm about the project. She emphasized the benefits of new industries settling in already zoned industrial areas, highlighting the positive economic implications for the region.

Gaetan Royer, a board member at Omnitek, shed light on the company’s decision to choose South Cariboo. He cited the scarcity of industrial properties in Metro Vancouver, which currently has a meager industrial vacancy rate of 0.9%. Royer elaborated on the shift in manufacturing trends, with companies now gravitating towards areas offering both skilled labor and affordable family living.

Omnitek’s immediate plans include commencing construction in the coming months and recruiting around 40 specialized workers. Royer is optimistic about the project’s long-term impact on local communities, from Clinton to 100 Mile House, especially in the supply and service sectors. He also hinted at potential collaborations with other entrepreneurs, emphasizing Omnitek’s commitment to adding value to the region rather than merely extracting resources.

Local leaders, including Willow McDonald, CRD director for Electoral Area L, and Clinton Mayor Susan Swan, have expressed their hopes and excitement about the project. They believe it could be a game-changer for the area, attracting more families and ensuring a brighter future for the community.

Adapted from an article by 100 Mile Press.