This article is adapted from an original feature by Williams Lake Tribune.

In a significant boost to the mass timber industry, a modular construction company based in Williams Lake has received up to $10 million in funding from the provincial government. This substantial investment aims to accelerate the adoption of mass timber in construction and contribute to the local economy.

The funding comes at a crucial time as the company is eyeing Williams Lake for its operations, a move that could bring numerous jobs and economic benefits to the region. The provincial support underscores the government’s commitment to sustainable construction practices and the broader adoption of mass timber.

The company specializes in modular construction using mass timber, a sustainable and renewable resource. Modular construction allows for quicker build times and less waste, aligning with the province’s goals for sustainable development.

This investment is expected to have a ripple effect, not just in Williams Lake but across the province, as it could serve as a catalyst for other companies to explore the benefits of mass timber construction. The funding will enable the company to scale its operations and potentially become a leader in the mass timber industry in British Columbia.